Sunday, 17 July 2011

Choose or Get SCREWED !!!

Choose or Get SCREWED !!! by amish_shah
Choose or Get SCREWED !!!, a photo by amish_shah on Flickr.

Choose or Get SCREWED !!! by amish_shah is great #Conceptual #HDR #photography and is truly "In"Flickr, Chase Alias :)(: ReTweet Critique for "In"Flickr.

Via Flickr:
To vote or not to vote is one question that should never come in your mind.
As citizens of democratic countries, we have the greatest power, TO CHOOSE.
We as the citizens have the power to choose our leaders. It doesn't matter whom do you support.
Support anyone you like,
Support Raj Thackeray or Udhhav thackery,
Support congress or the Bjp,
Support the North Indian Agenda or the Kashmir Agenda
Support Either Barack Obama or Mc Cain..
Support the War on Iraq, or the recall of the troops,
Support abortion or dont support it,,
Support gay marriages or don't..
Support capitalism or socialism..
Support Sarah palin or kick her..
Support Democracy or dictatorship..

Support whatever cause you feel like supporting..
but during the time when the support should be shown, dont just sit at your home doing nothing.
The Future depends upon what we choose, and if we are not able to execute our power, then its just useless, and maybe you will end up regretting after wards.

Remember Spidy,, "with great powers comes great responsibility"..
Even a blank vote counts (or negative vote in some countries)
Not voting is like Flipping off yourself in the long run..
and for my American friends , not Voting is like Flipping off the whole world along with yourself..think about it..
So i would request all the members of flickr viewing this image, to please vote.

Your view regarding the voting issue will be highly appreciated.
P.S. Thanks a lot for the title to Anirban

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